Thts are short thoughts.

Drawing Hands by Escher

Pieces are a bit longer than Thts.

I write them.

This is their home away from home.  Whether or not you take them seriously is up to you.  I sometimes do, but perhaps not as often as I might. And so to this blog.  A taste of my THTS ‘n PIECES, and a detour into some some origins and roots (I call it THISTORY) in the poetry and stories that discovered me at a time when I was still malleable.  I might also add some essays about the many peculiarities that permeate the larger system and make us what we collectively are today.  If I do, you could conceivably be among the first to know.


I do plan to edit and place online a LITTLE BOOK OF THTS ‘N PIECES.  That’s the “buy” bit in GIVE ‘N BUY.  I have no idea when that will be available to download, but it will give you the opportunity to buy if you have a need to do that. In either case, and whatever you do, enjoy.


A final point. The THTS have been specifically set up as a formal blog. However, everything else in this site is subject to change without notice, and so the entire site and all the content is blog-like as well. It seems to me that none of us is locked in to history.  And it can be so rewarding and freeing to travel in the time and space of our imagination.